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D'Artemis' Ouzo is made from the finest herbs and spices using a secret recipe that has been passed down in the D'Artemis family for over a century. 


Each bottle is a unique experience, providing a freshness and rich flavor that sets it apart from any other ouzo on the market. The production of this premium product requires ideal conditions, which is the reason for its limited production. 

Ouzo d'aretmis blue

D'Artemis Blue

D'Artemis Blue is a premium Greek ouzo that boasts a smooth and refreshing taste.


Crafted using traditional copper stills method, this ouzo is made from anise seeds and other natural herbs and spices, providing a distinct aroma and flavor profile. With an alcohol content of 40%,


D'Artemis Blue is perfect for sipping on its own or as a key ingredient in cocktails, offering a classic Greek spirit experience that is both satisfying and versatile.

dartemis black ouzo premium bottle

D'Artemis Black

The Black D'Artemis ouzo is the only Greek ouzo that undergoes 100% double distillation process, resulting in a premium beverage with an alcohol content of 46%.


Utilizing a secret recipe passed down by the D'Artemis distillery for over a century, this exclusive blend is crafted from the finest herbs and seeds, providing an intense aroma of anise and a mix of other spices and herbs.

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