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We offer three brands of gin - Silent Pool, Ramsbury and Rivage. Rivage is a wine based gin made by the Godet family in France, while Silent Pool is a classic super premium London Dry gin from Surrey, England. The newest addition to our range is Ramsbury Single Estate, a classic London Dry with quince.

This is a super premium gin of the London Dry Gin type and is produced in Surrey, England. This product has won a number of awards, gold and silver medals from the most important exhibitions and competitions in its category. The gin is produced through a unique four-step process.

silent pool gin original bottle

Silent Pool Classic

  • Handcrafted by a team of experts

  • 24 botanicals including: juniper, liquorice root, cassia bark, kaffir lime, rose and honey.

  • Iconic bottle

  • Numerous gold medals at awards.

silent pool rare citrus bottle

Silent Pool Rare Citrus

  • the worlds rarest citruses: Buddha's hand, Green Seville Orange, Hirado Buntan and Natsu Dai Dai.

  • with the classic Silent Pool ingredients

  • more Spice: cardamom and Timur pepper

silent pool rose bottle

Silent Pool Rose Expression

  • Special limited edition

  • refined with rose petals and bergamot orange

  • as usual, no artificial colours or flavours

  • same DNA of the award winning recipe of Silent Pool

Silent Pool Gin

Gin Rivage

gin rivage

This is an extremely interesting French product from the Godet family, known mainly for their cognacs. Gin is made from grapes and filtered through oyster shells.


The herbs used in gin are from the coast of the Cognac region in France. This is a wonderful locally sourced product that is reminiscent of grapes and herbs known for temperate climates.


It contains: Christ Marine, Rosemary, dill, basil, Angelic, fennel and grapefruit. 

Ramsbury Single Estate

The exact recipe for the Ramsbury gin is a company secret, but it features nine different botanicals all of which are completely natural, which classifies it as a London Dry gin. The nine botanicals are juniper, coriander, angelica, orris, liquorice, lemon, orange, cinnamon and home grown quince from the local orchard in the estate.

The maceration of the botanicals is done in triple distilled vodka and later is distilled in copper columns. Locally sourced water from the estate is used to bring down the alcohol content to 40% and after filtration is bottled by hand.

Ramsbury Gin bottle
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