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Ramsbury - the Singe Estate

Ramsbury is a unique company situated in the beautiful countryside in England near the Kennet river and the hills of Wiltshire. They produce all the key ingredients in their vodka and gin on site in the estate, which spans 19,600 acres. Thanks to the local process, which allows for the production of quality ingredients, Ramsbury creates products that sets them apart from all others.


The process

Everything at Ramsbury is utilised without any waste. Every product on the estate is part of the natural cycle; Wood is collected from the estate for the stills, the utilised wheat is used for feed for the animals, which in turn produce fertiliser for the grounds.

The Ramsbury vodka is produced from the finest wheat grown on the estate and undergoes triple distillation. Twice in columns and once in a pot still. Local water from the estate is used to bring the vodka down to 43% and then it is filtered and bottled by hand.

The Ramsbury gin uses the vodka as its base spirit and 14 botanicals are added to it to give it its signature taste. Juniper, Angelica, coriander, cinnamon, lemon, orange, orris and liquorice are used as well as the special ingredient that makes Ramsbury unique: home grown quince from the orchard on the estate.



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