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This is a Canadian whiskey, blend between single malts and bourbon. The corn is column distilled while the barley is pot distilled. It is aged in three casks between 3 and 5 years. The casks are: Canadian whiskey casks, New American Oak and bourbon casks.


LAUDER’S FINEST is the original blend created by Archibald Lauder in Glasgow back in 1834. Originally created to meet the Glaswegian “Sweet-Tooth” of the clientele who frequented the public houses he owned.

Blended from the finest Highland, Lowland and Speyside malts, matured in bourbon oak casks to create a light, yet fruity and full-bodied Scotch which has been in continuous production since 1834.

Islay Mist

The main character, our flagship expression. Staying true to the founding recipe, Islay Mist remains the original peated blend with characteristic balanced smoky tones between layers of mellow, oaky maltiness.

French Single Malt

Created By Godet. This is a peated single malts whiskey that has been aged for four years in a sherry cask and finished for 6 months in a Pedro Ximenez cask. The whiskey is pot distilled. There are only 5,124 bottles in the world.

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