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Peated Scotch Whisky: The Islay Mist Story

Islay Mist by MacDuff, the Original Peated Blend was born in 1927 on Islay, one of the many small islands located off the West Coast of Scotland. Today, Islay is affectionately known as the Queen of the Hebrides, or as 'Whisky Island' to whisky lovers because of its world-renowned distilleries.

Islay Mist bottle

Islay Mist owes its existence to a celebration for the 21st birthday of the of the Laird of Islay House son (John Morrison, later Lord Margadale). Guests were to be invited from the length and breadth of the UK to mark the significant occasion. However, it was considered that the signature smoky Islay whiskies might be too heavy for everyone’s taste, so Mr John Morrison asked for several different blended whiskies to be prepared.

Malt whisky from the Laphroaig distillery was blended with a choice of high-quality Highland and Speyside malts, before being perfectly balanced with Lowland grain whisky and the result was declared to be ‘pure Islay Mist’due to its elegant, multi-layered taste. Today, Islay Mist whisky is still true to its’ founding recipe and is the only blended scotch that can use ‘Islay’ in its name. The bottle is adorned by the Lord of the Isles seal, as a testament to its birth on Islay and the whisky’s connection to Lord Margadale.

In all products within the range, Islay Mist's distinctive character shines through. The word 'character' pays homage to the whisky brand’s roots on Islay, and the way in which find inspiration from the landscape to develop our whisky. It also celebrates the iconic smoky flavour that Islay is so well known for, the characters who make our whisky, as well as those who simply enjoy it.

Islay Mist Next to the sea

The Original Peated Blend has won multiple awards for its smoky and peaty tones, balanced between layers of mellow oaky malt. The quintessential blend in any whisky lover’s collection, Islay Mist has a subtle and seductive mixture of smoky peat and seaweed on the nose. Peat is dominant on the palate but is mellowed with a complex fusion of sweet malt, salt, and oak. Islay Mist’s soft peat flavour clings to the roof of the mouth, but toffee and coffee notes ensure a bitter-sweet finish.


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