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Do you have an account?

In order to use the portal you need to have a registration with us. Please fill in the form in order to proceed. Once you have done this we will be in contact with you about your account.

If you already have an account proceed to the user manual.

What information we need?

  • Contact name - the person who will be submitting the orders

  • Email - the contact person's email

  • Company Name - the official name of the company according to the Trade Registry of the Republic of Bulgaria.

  • Bulstat - your company identification number (ex: BG1000000000)

  • Phone - a phone number where we can contact you

  • Company Registration Address and Materially Responsible person -  the address and name of the person to which the company is registered.

  • Store Address - the location for deliveries. If the locations are more than one please contact us directly to sort it out.

  • EO ID - Economic operator ID number, in accordance to the TPD law for cigarettes in Bulgaria.

  • F ID - Facility ID number, in accordance to the TPD law for cigarettes in Bulgaria.

If you provide us with this information, it will make it easier for us to start supplying your business. All information provided by you will be used confidentially and will not be used for marketing activities.

How to use the B2B Portal?

The B2B Portal is only available in Bulgarian, In order to proceed switch to the Bulgarian version of the web site.

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