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The Single-cru series

The Single Cru series is the opposite of Super Blend. Here you can taste any type of cognac based on the terroir where the grapes were grown. We offer Grande Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois and Bone Bois aged between 15 and 22 years in the Godet cellar by the sea.

Godet Grand Champagne 22YO Single Cru

Godet Single Cru Grande Champagne 22YO

Grande Champagne is known as the premier cru. The soil in the region is a complex super-soil known as Campanian and us composed of varieties of chalk. 

The Ugni Blanc grapes that grow there are very acidic and have a huge potential for maturing. Even for over a century.

Tasting note : Mineral, long, refined, complex. A stunning cognac, showcasing how and why Grande Champagne is admired so much.

Godet Borderies Single Cru 22YO

Godet Single Cru Borderies 22YO

The terroir of Borderies is the smallest cru of the Cognac appellation. The soil there is predominantly clay and chalk and some of it is left over from the Jurassic period. The cognac that hails from there is a bit darker.


Tasting note : Coffee, violette, vanilla, eucalyptus & anis. Twenty two years of aging is perfect to bring out its complexity

Godet Fins Bois Single Cru 15YO

Godet Single Cru Fins Bois 15YO

The Fins Bois terroir give a rounder feel to the cognac and allows it to age faster. This is why 15 years is the ultimate aging for this Godet product. The bouquet of aromas reminds one of freshly pressed grapes. 


Tasting note : Evanescent nose, delicate mouth, velvety. Raw and pure agricultural spirit.

Godet Bons Bois 15YO Single Cru

Godet Single Cru Bons Bois 15YO

The Bons Bois terroir is the biggest of all the regions in Cognac, yet it is 4th in the size of its vineyards. It is located near the Atlantic ocean and the soil is sandy, which gives a sharper taste to the cognac

Tasting notes: Oak, caramel, spicy. While not as popular as the other terroirs, Bons Bois gives a different experience in cognac, that should be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime. 


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