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The modern series

The Modern Series is the latest addition to the Godet family's products with the impressive Organic, Cask Strenght, Cocktail Cognac and White Cognac.

Godet XO Gastronome bottle

Godet XO Organic Gastronome

This cognac is made from a nice small plot of land in the Fins Bois region in Cognac. The grapes from this land are 100% organic.


This has been a project of Godet since 2004 and provides a bit of an unusual tasting experience with tastes of orange blossom and iris and aromas of violets. 

God by Godet Cast strenght

God by Godet 70.6%

This is a very interesting product - a cask strength cognac. It is aged for 4 years in French oak, which makes it a VSOP.


It is from the terroir of Petite Champagne and is the only cognac in the Godet products that is untouched by water. It simply is, as taken straight from the barrel. This is the rawest version of cognac in existence.

antarctica coganc bottle image

Godet Antactica

In 2008, Jean-Jacques Godet reached Antarctica on a small yacht, breaking a world record. In honor of this, he created this amazing white cognac, which matures in 100-year-old oak barrels.


It is one of the few mass produced cognac that uses Folle Blanche grapes variety. It is perfect for cocktails.

Godet N1 cocktails cognac bottle

Godet N1 Cognac

This blend of cognac was created with the help of bartenders for bartenders. Godet N1 is the perfect drink for cocktails.


Reasonably priced, with a slightly higher alcohol content and unmistakable character, this is easily one of the most affordable cognac on the market. It ages for 3 years in French oak barrels, which makes it a VS.


It is a blend of Fins Bois and Bons Bois. No sugar or caramel was added to it and has been aged in 15 years old barrels.

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