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Distilleria Nardini

Established in 1779, Distileria Nardini is the first distillery in Italy. They are a producer of grappa and are located in Bassano dell Grappa.

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May 25, 1739

Bortolo Nardini was born

Bortolo Nardini was born on May 25, 1739 in Segonzano, in the Cembra Valley, near Trent. This area has a rich tradition in making wine and for people to make their livelihood by producing it.


At that time, distillers moved from house to house with a mobile still, working as third-party distillers of the pomace deriving from the production of wine. Bortolo Nardini took up this craft, and traveled all the way to Bassano del Grappa, at the end of the valley.

Italy's first Grappa - 1779

In his travels Bortolo, had a prolonged stay in Bassano. There he understood the strategic location of the city between Valsugana Valley and Venice. He imediately recognised the oportunity and bought a place called the Osteria al Ponte, today called the Grapperia Nardini. It is there that he started producing grappa with a permanent still. He started selling his products to the people of Bassano.


Distilleria Nardini

Tradition and innovation for over two centuries.

Since 1779 Distilleria Nardini has always been a family-run company and has produced some of the finest grappa in Italy. While they produce amazing grappa, they have also created beautiful liqueurs from cedar, almond, and one of the best bitters out there - Bitter Chinato.

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