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- Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi -

Offices & Warehouses

Tobacco Import LTD has four offices in the country. The main office is on one of the busiest streets in the downtown area in Sofia. While the other is next to the ring road, making it an ideal place for a warehouse/office. Our other two offices are in the next biggest cities in the county - Plovdiv and Varna, with separate warehouses, making them ideal for local distribution.

Branching out

Our company always strives to improve, innovate and branch out. If you have a product/products that need distribution, please take a look at our presentation and do not hesitate to contact us.

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    If you are a client of ours you can order your products by submiting the following forms to the contacts bellow. If you want to work with us using the online order option, please contact us and we will see if we can help.

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    About US

    Tobacco Import LTD is a distribution and wholesales company, founded in 2005.

    Our Goal

    As a company that works in regards to long-term success, we aim to develope and sustain our positions, as a benchmark company in distribution. We constatnly seek to increase our market share and aim to become the prefered nationwide supplier of tobacco products. Currently our company is branching out to other products in the foods and bevereages market.

    why chose us?

    We highly value our brands, partners, clients and employees. Together we ensure that our strategy is always to mutual benefit and helps create a win-win scenario.

    We work with a wide variety of clients, including Sofia and Varna airports. We have 3 warehouses in the biggest cities in the country located on ideal locations to ensure fast and efficient distribution.


    our coverage

    Our direct distribution network works with over 4,500 clients, including some of the biggest companies in Bulgarian retail.

    Together with our partnering companies we reach over 20,000 clients, which account for 94% coverage of the nation.


    Tobacco Import Ltd. works with some of the biggest companies for tobacco products in Bulgaria and the world. These are our exclusive partners:

    Our company also works with: Imperial Tobacco, Phillip Morris, British American Tobacco, Arnold Andre, Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Mac Baren Tobacco, Toscano, Mtel, Vivacom, Nestle and others.

    Careers & our Team

    Are you looking for a career in distribution and logistics? See if Tobacco Import Ltd. is currenty hiring here.

    Our Team & History

    Tobacco Import Ltd. has been around since 2005. It is a successor of Agrosoft Ltd (started in 1991). Both companies were founded by Nikolay Valtchanov and Boyan Ivanov. The main business of Tobacco Import used to be, to supply the duty free outlets with tobacco products. In 2007, when Bulgaria entered the European Union, the duty free stores had to close and in order to continue business, Tobacco Import started working on the domestic market as a distributor and a wholesaler. Today the company has 64 employees in four offices in the country and works with over 24 partnering companies, to ensure a maximum coverage of the market for tobacco in Bulgaria. Bolkan Advertising & Distribution Ltd. is a subsidary compnay of Tobacco Import Ltd.



    Office "G.S. Rakovski"
    tel: +359 2 426 28 99
    tel: +359 2 426 14 42

    Office "Boyla"
    tel: +359 2 917 56 57
    tel: +359 2 917 56 58
    fax: +359 2 917 56 60


    tel:+359 32 942 071
    fax:+359 32 50 25 28


    tel:+359 52 50 10 49
    fax:+359 32 94 20 70